1. Anthropology of Georgian population.
    2. Ethno genesis of Georgians, formation of the Georgian kingdom.
    3. Georgia and Ancient East.
    4. Vakhtang Gorgasali and his epoch.
    5. Unification of feudal Georgia.
    6. Status of Abkhazia in Georgia.
    7. History of Tbilisi from the ancient time till the 13th c.
    8. Strengthening of Georgian feudal monarchy – David Aghamashenebli.
    9. King Tamar.
    10. George V the Brilliant.
    11. Giorgi Saakadze.
    12. Queen Ketevan, Teimuraz I.
    13. Deportation of Georgians, Fereydanian Georgians.
    14. Problem of Georgia’s unification in the 13th c.
    15. Treaties of Russia and Georgia and their meaning.
    16. Annexation of Georgia by Russia.
    17. Colonial-economic politics of Russia.
    18. Peculiarities of Georgia and Armenia.
    19. Georgia and Western Europe.
    20. National-liberation movement in Georgia in the first half of the 19th c.
    1. “The Tergdaleulis” (Georgian young enlighteners, educated in Russia in the 60-ies of the 19th c. They revealed their oppositional attitude towards the old and wished to introduce the new in the society).
    2. First republic of Georgia.
    3. Re-annexation of Georgia by Russia.
    4. Science and culture of Georgia in the 20th c.
    5. Mass repressions in Georgia.
    6. National-liberation movement in the years of the Soviet Union.
    7. Third republic of Georgia.

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