1. Spreading Christianity in Georgia (activity of disciples).
    2. St. Nino, enlightener of Georgians and declaration of Christianity as a state religion.
    3. Obtaining of Georgian church autocephaly. Canonic bases of autocephaly.
    4. Georgian Church in 6th-10th cc.
    5. Relationship of the church and the state in 11th-18th cc.
    6. Canonic bases of church reformation of David Aghmashenebeli.
    7. Georgian Church in 13th-16th cc.
    8. Role of the church in struggle against foreign conquerors (11th-18th cc.).
    9. Georgian Church in the 18th c. activity of the Catholicos Anton I. Changes in church hierarchy.
    10. Georgian Church in the period of exarchs. (1811-1917).
    11. Georgian Church in 1917-1921. Restoration of Georgian church autocephaly.
    12. Georgian Church in the period of the Soviet Union.
    13. Georgian Church in the present period. Relationship with Orthodox world.
    14. Church relationship of Russia and Georgia from the ancient period till the present time.
    15. Sacred things of Georgian Church.
    16. Role of Georgian Church in the history of Georgian culture.
    1. Georgians’ Religious-confessional groups – Georgian Catholics, Georgian Mussulmans, and Georgian Gregorians.
    2. Traditional and nontraditional religious groups in Georgia.
    3. Georgian Christian culture centers abroad.

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